Use These Ideas For A Fun Baby Shower Party

Few miracles in the world are like the birth of a child. The pregnancy in and of itself is a miracle all its own! But, of course, with a pregnancy comes what? Baby showers! And while there are many things one can do for baby showers or in them, the one thing this article is going to focus on is this: baby shower games.
At the beginning of the shower a game one can do is the "Don't Say Baby" game. This one lasts through the party and is very cheap. All that's needed is a bit of yarn long enough for a necklace and a baby safety pin--or some other baby object one can string on a string. Put the safety pin or desired object on the string and give a necklace to each guest. When a person says the word "baby", the person who calls it out gets to take the pin or other object from other person's necklace. At the end of the party, the person with the most pins/objects wins a prize.
Then there's the "Guess Mommy's Tummy Size" game. Have every person take a ball of string and stretch it to the size they think would fit around the Mother-to-be's tummy in the middle. When everyone is ready, measure all the yarn pieces to the actually Mother's tummy, and the one who is the most accurate gets a prize!
Yet another well-liked baby shower game is the "Name Baby Items" game. Everyone gets a pad of paper and a pencil or pen. Then, have everybody name as many baby things as they can within five minutes. Yeah, it sure sounds easy--at first. But around the end it becomes harder than someone might think! The person with the most items listed gets a prize!
Next is the popular, fun "Who Can Make The Baby" game. This game requires plenty of baby magazines, paper, scissors, and glue. Divide the guests into teams of three, and give three magazines to each team. Then, the teams are to cut out various baby qualities from the magazines and put the pieces together on the paper as to what the team perceives the baby will going to look like. When everybody is done, the Mother-to-be chooses the picture she believes is closest to what she thinks her baby will look like. The team who's picture she selects wins a prize.
A hilarious game is the "Bottle Race". Just take several baby bottles full of a preferred drink. Each participant takes a bottle and sucks it like a baby--the participant who drinks the most before the time runs out gets a prize. Everyone will be laughing by the end!
And now, the "Guess the Baby Item" game. This one is played by Mommy herself. She is blindfolded and a bag full of various baby things is put in front of her. She is to take them out individually and guess what baby thing she has--don't peek! A great game, particularly if the guests pick out some really crazy baby items or toys.