Baby Einstein Toys

Baby Einstein was created by Julie Clark. She wanted to educate her infant about her passion, the humanities. She wanted products that enable a shared learning experience between her and her baby. Finding nothing to suit her needs, she embarked on creating those products herself for her and her daughter. Baby Einstein was born to allow children to experience the wonder of the world with assistance from quality products.
Baby Einstein focuses on products for babies and toddlers. It does not attempt to provide products for the entirety of a childhood. By specializing in a very precise age bracket, Einstein has become an expert in their development. Their products are interactive, meaning that the parent and the baby both participate. For example, The Baby Company then designed their DVDs for the maximum interaction. Traditionally, when a parent read a book to a baby, they were somewhat limited by the holding of the book. Their attention was divided. The DVDs becomes the book and the parent is much more involved in the process. They can clap, point, and even hold their child while they enjoy learning together. It is truly an engaging and bonding experience.
Einstein toy company has been recognized as a leader in products that foster child development, curiosity and creativity. Awarded the "Seal of Approval Award" by the National Parenting Center in 2008 is Baby Einstein's Discovering Shaping DVD. This educational DVD introduces circles, ovals, triangles, squares and rectangles to babies 9 months and older. It teaches the shapes by referencing objects with those shapes that babies know such as that oranges are round. Further, the readers of American Baby magazine have ranked Baby Einstein DVDS since 2003 as essential products for a family with a baby.