Choose the Best Baby Shower Games For Your Big Day

There are many important considerations for those planning a great baby shower, but planning the baby shower games is one of the most important and the most fun. There are many great fun events out there, and choosing the right ones will help ensure that all invited guests have a wonderful time.
Using The Internet To Find Games
There are many places to start the search for the best baby shower games, and it is important for planners to look in a number of places for the best games.
One of the best places to find fun events is on the internet, and there are many great websites devoted to parenting, planning and other subjects.
Scouring these websites on a regular basis can give you some great ideas for choosing the best fun events for the guest of honor.
Baby Magazines And Parenting Books For Ideas
Baby magazines and parenting books can also provide some great ideas for baby shower games.
Chances are you already have a few of these publications laying around.
If not try your local library or bookstore. Look for fun events that re most appropriate for the age and taste of the mom to be, since not all games will be equally suitable.
The Nature of The Guest
When choosing the right baby shower games also take into account the nature of the invited guests.
It is important for everyone - both young and old - to have a great time. Choosing things that are a fit for all ages will help ensure that everyone has a wonderful time on the big day.
The Baby Shower Should Be Fun
Choosing the right games can be a time consuming process, but it is definitely one of the most fun aspects of planning this important event.

3 Things That Make Baby Bedding Modern

Getting a baby's room to have a trendy or just simply modern look can be tough. However, baby nursery accessories manufacturers have gotten wise to this. Even baby bedding can be modern, chic, and stylish enough to please even the most discerning fashionista. If you strive for a modern nursery you should first start looking for contemporary baby bedding and search for these three things on your next shopping trip.
  1. Search for a uniquely modern color theme. Instead of opting for traditional colors like a bright yellow, red and blue combination or a pastel pink or blue splash, look for more original combinations. Browns and blues, browns and pinks, pinks and yellows, or similar color combinations can give a traditional baby set a very modern twist. Even going for a monochrome set with a nontraditional color can be a very sleek, modern, and high fashion way to make a baby's nursery look great. For instance, a baby bedding set created from different shades of green or purple can do wonders for a modern nursery. Another trendy color choice is a black and white bedding set where the sharp color contrast is offset by intricate design elements and fine details. Not sure what colors are "in" right now? Search for some good color combos in baby magazines or fashion magazines!

  2. Bold, geometric patterns are king when it comes to a modern and sleek baby bedding set. A key aspect of a modern baby nursery is that it's oddly ageless - the room grows with the child. Circles, triangles, and rectangles provide a fashionable touch while keeping the bedding surprisingly modern. The good part about getting baby bedding in this pattern is that it can pass as both retro chic (think "mod") as well as futuristically sleek. Geometric patterns also have the added perk of being lovable no matter what your child enjoys reading, watching, or playing. They also can continue to be used as room accents long after your baby is out of the crib.

  3. Look for baby bedding that is handmade, "green", and high quality. Sometimes, what makes a thing futuristic and modern isn't what you see. Nowadays, the most popular celebrities and Hollywood stars are all opting for baby sets that aren't being made in a factory. They want to see more handmade options that actually appear to be made for their baby. This is a trend that is going to continue long into the future, so if you want a really modern baby bedding set, it's worth looking into it.

Getting Some Ideas About Free New Baby Stuff

Are you worried about the hike of your monthly budget after having a baby? Do you really want to have a control on the hike? Do you have any idea about the free baby stuff by mail? If not, then please take some time and gather enough information. This is the perfect process of saving money. I can suggest this from my personal experience. After having a baby it is not at all possible to have a control over the monthly expense. You do not have any previous idea of your expenditure. It is my experience to save money whenever you get the chance to do that.
Searching on the wave is the best solution to minimize the expense. I have registration on several websites. This helps me to save money. Knowing about the free baby stuffs I started finding the resources to gather them. It was really a hectic process as I needed to give enough time to my baby. I can suggest you to start the search while you are pregnant. In that case you can arrange everything within your budget from the very beginning. Even it would not be a bad idea to gather baby clothes from the initial level. After giving birth it is not at all possible to go to the market for shopping leaving your baby at home. In that case you need to seek help from others. Better to go for online services where the options are numerous.
Your search over the internet is important. You can get a huge list of websites that assure to provide completely free products for the bay but as a matter of fact they are simply lying. You cannot trust each and every websites in the list. Try to find out the reliable ones. If your search has a result you will get the treasure at your hand. You will feel much more relieved. The right place on the internet can give you the chance to get Baby Crib Bedding completely free of any cost as I got for my baby. Providing such free stuff offers is just another trick for the big companies in the marketing policy. Sometime they do this to publicize their new products or sometimes just to have a survey about their status in the market. Even I have the scope to get several samples of various sizes. This is undoubtedly a positive factor as you can use them for a long time along with growth of your baby.
I have experienced another utility of Free New Baby Stuff. I got several samples of similar product. My friend was also searching for the same product so I gave one. Sometimes you can use them as gift for other who is also trying their hands to save money. I missed the chance of having details guidelines of various baby magazines completely free of cost. It was unknown to me that several websites provide free magazines just to assist the expectant mother.
Just providing information of your presence in their list makes them able to inform you about their offerings at a regular interval. I really prefer to stay in their list as this is a beneficial. I have saved a huge amount on registering myself in their list. You may be surprised to hear that I got an Electronic baby toy which is very essential for the proper growth of the baby without expensing a single penny. Isn't it great? This is really a great path to provide your baby a complete bringing up along with saving your pocket. I can give you the assurance from my personal experience that such products enhance the pleasure by giving more relief.

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Save Money With Baby Coupons

With the recession, many parents are struggling with small budgets and big expenses related to caring for their new baby. Since the economy downturn, there has been a surge of people looking for baby coupons to get the most bang for their buck.
Stocking up on everyday supplies like diapers and formula can be quite expensive. However, if you know how to use coupons wisely, you will enjoy significant savings. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to save money:
1. Request Baby Coupons from the Manufacturer
Many companies like Huggies, Gerber, Enfamil will put you on their mailing list. All you need to do is to go to their website and submit your address. They will send coupons and free baby samples directly to you. Some companies also send out regular email newsletters that inform you of their special offers.
2. Newspapers and Magazines
Get the Sunday paper. In it you'll find a bunch of baby coupons. Make sure to check out the sales circulars for your favorite stores so you can use them to purchase items on sale for even more savings. Also, don't forget to pay attention to your favorite parenting or baby magazines. Many times they'll include advertisements for their products with a promo code you can redeem on their website.
3. Join Printable Coupon Sites
There are many quality sites that you can join that offer printable baby coupons. This is so convenient since you can print them directly from your computer. Then all you need to do is redeem them at your local grocery or discount store.
4. Use Coupon Codes to Shop Online
If you prefer shopping online, there are much more savings available to you. Many companies provide online promo codes. Sites like Babies 'R Us and Old Navy regularly provide codes for baby products. Sometimes you'll get savings for a percentage off your total purchase (for example 20% off), and other times you will get promotional codes you can use for free shipping. All you need to do to redeem these is to enter the promo code when you check out. The discount is automatically deducted from your total.
With a little time and effort, finding baby coupons is easy and very rewarding. Happy coupon hunting!

Discover Baby Products You Can Get For Free

Each of us are constantly finding for great freebies. Especially moms and moms to be. If you're a mom or a mom to be that searching for for free baby samples, you can get them over here.
Baby Store Gift Cards
There are several marketing companies that have weekly and monthly drawings for gift cards. Most of these drawings are focused on baby stores like the Children's Place, Pampers Place or Babies"R"Us. The purpose of these drawings are to gather your information for marketing purposes.
Get Free Baby Magazines
Every issue of American Baby is free! That's right, it's free. American Baby is a baby magazine that is loaded with important parenting information from the experts on all things baby, infant, newborn and toddler. Each issues focuses on what to eat when you're eating for you and your baby, tips for keeping your newborn baby healthy, which diapers to buy and reviews of all things baby.
Companies such as Kimberly Clark which produce Huggies want you to use their brand so they give away tons of free diapers. One such diaper that is given away is the Huggies Pure & Natural diaper. It's fairly new to the market and it's different. Unlike most diapers, these are all natural and have Aloe & Vitamin E. Why? They're made for babies that have sensitive skin so they're hypoallergenic.
Baby Food and Baby Formula
When it comes to shopping for baby food, you have many brands and options. One such brand is Beech Nut. To ensure that you think of Beech Nut, the company will send you samples of their food and a monthly newsletter. You'll also start receiving coupons to that you can save more money when you shop for baby food.

Baby Care Magazine

A little while ago, I was talking to a new first time Mum, who asked me a question after thumbing through a Baby Magazine in the shop we were in the young Mum by the way was my daughter the question went like this "Mum this baby magazine is fantastic but would I need it monthly as I have a great Baby Book, but this baby magazine has little segments on everything, including when Brock is older, actually it goes into things at preschool age"
My reply was "You know love, your tiny new bundle of joy, my gorgeous grandson is extremely precious and fragile he relies on you for complete care and protection, he didn't arrive with an instruction manual. Now you can ask me for advice, and my advice would be good for the things that don't change, however, many things have changed since you were a baby. Yes you have a brilliant baby care book, however, a baby magazine with a new edition monthly, will not be a waste of money, it will give you another opinion, or back up what is in your book, plus give you information that may not be in the baby care book"
With that I took the baby magazine and thumbed through it whilst my daughter went to the baby change room with my grandson for that inevitable nappy change.
When she came back I said "You're right this is fantastic, and what's more it is in a language that's easy to understand plus it is jam packed with helpful advice for decoding the needs of young master Brock here."
She nodded in agreement, bought the copy, and we continued shopping.
As we were going around, I said to her "You know I think if you are going to keep on buying that baby magazine you need to see if it is cheaper to get a subscription" now I am sure you would all agree, that to save money is a good thing, babies can be expensive!
From my observation a baby magazine is a very supportive resource with tips and guidance to help mums and dads make their own choices in raising their kids. Each issue contains age specific child development guidance, information and loads of tips on health and safety and baby care, plus the best ways to help you stimulate your baby's ongoing learning.
One more thing, I think that the articles in a baby magazine, would even help a mom who has had children before and now finds herself with a new born again, as honestly, you can have those "Newborn, Baby and Toddler tips" stashed away in your brain, but reading the articles in such a magazine acts like a refresher, plus things can change from one year to the next, with great new products and research going on.

Using Baby Competitions to Get Your Baby Into Modelling

Although every new mum thinks their baby is stunning your baby might actually have what it takes to go further and have a career in modelling. Although the competition is fierce you will need to be determined and see if you can get through to the right agencies. Starting at the first stage you should enter your baby into local competitions and see what the response is like. Often the competitions which are in baby magazines are for fun but someone might notice your beautiful baby and want to take it further.
By entering your baby into as many magazine and online competitions you are getting your babies photo noticed and often for free. You will find that you will need to register with an agent but whilst you are doing that you should enter your baby into competitions and see what happens. If your baby has something special then someone will pick up on it. Magazine editors are always on the lookout for babies to feature in their magazines and by entering their competition you are getting your babies face noticed.
The more of this style of competition you enter the more experience you will be gaining and you will slowly begin to understand what people are looking for. Beautiful stunning babies are lovely but sometimes there is something quirky about the baby they pick. You will learn how to dress your baby and what accessories to use to make an impact. Whilst you are doing the smaller baby competitions you will learn so much about this type of career. Although it is very rare that you will get your baby noticed by a modelling agency this way you will be learning a great deal.
You can submit some of the photos that you would have entered the competition with to an agency and see what their response is. Baby modelling is a great but tough career to be in and successful models can continue through their childhood. You have to fully understand what will be required from you and your baby. Although it is tough it is very rewarding to see your baby on the cover of magazines and advertising campaigns.
You can use baby competitions as a stepping stone to bigger things and these are the ideal times to be having fun. You may begin to win a lot of them as you get more experienced and understand what judges and editors are looking for. There is nothing to stop you entering the competitions whilst being listed with an agent and the more you get your babies face noticed the more likely you are to catch someone's eye.
Searching for online for baby competitions will amaze you how many there are that you can enter and remember to have fun whilst doing them. When entering online competitions remember to be careful when it come to giving out your personal details and ensure that they website is not a scam. Do not give out too much information and don't pay to enter the competitions as there are so many that you can do for free.

Free Baby Samples - 4 Things You Can Get For Free

Each of us are definitely searching for free stuff. Many expecting women go on the web to find stuff for them and their babies. Here's what you can get for free for you and you and your baby.
1. Pregnancy and Baby Magazines
Why would pregnancy and baby magazines be given away for free? Most of the magazines are loaded with offers and advertisements targeting expecting moms. It's the first chance that companies can start to earn your business. One such magazine is Babytalk. It's a baby magazine that has all the information expectant mom need. Most of the articles are informative and well written discussing a variety of pregnancy and baby topics from health and safety issues to the latest products on the market.
2. Baby Freebies
Babies Online is one of the best sites that offers free baby stuff. The first thing you can do on their site is to create a website surrounding your pregnancy. This site will tell you what's happening with you and your baby at each day, week, month, and trimester. You'll know what kind of effects nutrition plays on your newborns development. Plus, they offer product samples, diapers, baby food, birth announcements and so much more. Registration is required here to get access to what they have to offer.
3. Free Infant Formula
Companies that make infant formula such as Nestle offers new moms a backpack, a free baby blanket, DVD, CD, money saving coupons and more. The backpack comes stocked with free infant formula samples. Then every month or so you get coupons to save money on the infant formula.
4. Baby Food
Additionally, companies that make baby food such as Beech Nut and Gerber offer free samples. You test out these free samples and if you and your baby like them you can get coupons on a recurring basis. In other words you get to try before you buy!

Perfect Baby Shower Ideas - 3 Excellent Sources

Baby showers are a special way to celebrate the coming birth with family and friends. This is more of an American tradition where everyone gets together for joy and merriment. A baby shower isn't just an excuse for a party, although everyone loves a reason to sit around eat, drink and laugh.
A Baby shower is a way to help the expecting family with their financial burdens by having everyone pitch in by buying something small so that the family with the baby won?t have to shell out lots of money. Consider all the needs of a family when they have a newborn. The costs could add up and can be scary for any new family. Baby showers help alleviate these problems.
However, getting the baby shower put together is the first step. The organizers have a lot to consider when it comes to throwing a party. They have to think of a theme, where to have it, what games they need and the types of food to bring. It could be difficult coming up with all of these ideas on how to get a baby shower pulled off. If you are looking for help, here are some places to think about when trying to find an idea.
1. Talking to someone who has thrown a baby shower before. The odds are you have been to other baby showers or have had your own. Speak to people who have planned showers before and find out what you are going to need to get started. They will be able to set you off in the right direction while giving you some great ideas at the same time. They will have everything you need from the start of the party until to the end, so pick their brains as much as you could.
2. Check out baby magazines. Many magazines that are devoted to babies will have articles on baby showers. They might also have ideas on some of the most popular themes for baby showers. A theme is one of the hardest things to pick for a shower because everything will be associated around it.
The magazines can even show you examples of decorations and foods that you might want to use. Keep these clippings as a guide to help you plan the best baby shower.
3. Search the Internet. There is a plethora of information on the Internet about baby showers. This should be one of the first sources you check on finding ideas for a baby shower. You can try many different topics in search engines such as baby shower themes, baby shower foods and baby shower decorations. Start a list of all the items you are going to need.
A baby shower is always easier when you know the gender of the baby. The theme of the shower could center on the baby and it also makes buying gifts easier for the guests. However, if you don't know the gender of the baby make this known on the invitation so that the guests won't buy gifts that are for either a boy or a girl.
If you can find out the gender of the baby, then do so. Although there are some parents who want to keep the sex of the baby a secret until birth. If this is the case, you can still find some neutral decorations and themes for the party.
If you are still short on ideas for the party, talk to the mom-to-be. There might be certain things that she wants for her party. And, since she is the guest of honor, she should have what she wants at the party.

Nine Easy Ways to Find Cheap and Free Baby Stuff

Raising a baby can be expensive, but, with a little online savvy and some help from your friends, you can save bundles and even find some free baby stuff. Here's how to save money on baby and find the best baby freebies on the web.
Baby Freebies Online
Just as having a baby can be an expensive proposition for you, it can be a profitable one for retailers and manufacturers. Many companies will give away things to expectant and new moms in the hopes of earning your business for a long time to come.
Here's how to get free products, samples and coupons from the most trusted baby brands.
You can typically find free samples and discount coupons by navigating your browser directly to a manufacturer's website. To find these websites, do an online search for your favorite brands of formula, diapers, and baby foods.
You can also often get free trial subscriptions to leading parenting magazines. At the time of this writing, you can get a free 6-month subscription to American Baby magazine and a free 12-month subscription to Baby Talk magazine directly at the publications' websites.
A word of caution about signing up for baby freebies, newsletters, and sweepstakes. Make sure you read the fine print, as well as a site's privacy policy before you enter your name and email address on the company's registration form. Each time you are signing up for something, you are probably being put on a mailing list. You may want to have a secondary email address that you use only on registration pages and, if the page asks you if you would like additional mailings from partners, opt out.
It's a good idea, too, to check the URL of the freebie's registration page before you fill it out, to make sure you are on the website of the manufacturer or publisher. Third party sites, especially sites devoted to providing freebies, may be in the business of collecting and selling your personal information.
Savings on Diapers and Formula
These are two items you will probably spend the most money on before your baby becomes a toddler. Breastfeeding is, of course, the cheapest way around buying infant formula, but it's just not an option for everyone. Here are the best ways we have found to save.
Search Online.
See if you can find products cheaper online. Do a search on for bulk groceries or formula. This site, run by Google, allows you to comparison shop across lots of different sites with just one search. And check prices at Amazon Grocery, too, which will ship these products to you, just like any other Amazon purchase. Shipping is often free for orders of $25 or more.
Join the Club.
Ask at the customer service desk of your local grocery store to see if they have any kind of Baby Savings Club. Some of the leading grocer chains offer additional savings for these types of purchases.
Discount Baby Furniture and Gear
When it comes to baby furniture and baby gear, you can save a lot simply by knowing where to look.
Let Your Friends Know What You Need.
The best way to get free baby stuff is to ask your friends and family for anything they might be hanging onto that they don't need anymore. Even your friends whose kids are a bit older may still have some items in the attic.
Have a Baby Shower.
Baby showers are a great way to get exactly what you need for the new baby. Even better, your guests can share more ways on how you might be able to save money on baby items in your particular area.
Join Moms Groups.
Join parenting groups both in your local area and online. These are fantastic resources for free information and a daily or weekly dose of sanity. Plus, once you get to know other moms in your area, you can swap secondhand baby clothes.
Join a Freecycling Network.
Freecycling allows you to give away things you don't need while taking things you do. Do a Google search to find a Freecycle Network in your area, or visit and browse the groups or enter your town into the search box. Once you find a local freecycling group, you can usually post your own needs and you find a lot of good things, completely free.
Shop for used items.
Local consignment stores, thrift stores, and garage sales are a great place to find gently used baby furniture or gear. Check the newspaper for this weekend's garage sales or monitor an online garage sale announcement service. Go to Yahoo Groups and enter your city and "Garage Sale."
A note about buying baby items secondhand: If you buy used toys or baby gear, make sure they still have safety labels attached. Also, it's a good idea to always buy a new car seat for your child. You don't want to take a risk by getting a secondhand car seat that may have been in an accident.
The most important thing for our family when our kids were small was to consider carefully what it was we really needed. When we were excited about having our first child, we felt like we wanted one of everything. But we found that some gear was not necessary at all, and some of it just got in the way.
The simple approach is sometimes the best, so take a little time with each buying decision. If there is a piece of furniture or a baby item that you feel you really need, see if you can get it gently used. It's better on the pocketbook and the environment.
It's also tempting to invest in things the baby will need when he or she has grown older. You can save money by waiting until your baby actually needs a bigger, better stroller, for example, to see both what you can afford and what kind of features are truly the most important to you. It helps me to look at it this way: When you save money by not buying things you really don't need, you'll have more money to put aside for your child's future.

How to Get Free Baby Stuff

Having a baby can be quite an expensive adventure. According to a study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture in 2008, it is estimated that having a baby will cost a middle class family $291,570 through the age of 17. During your baby's first two years of life, the majority of these expenses will be for baby formula, clothing, health care, diapers, wipes, and other supplies.
There are ways for you to reduce your costs during the first few years of your baby's life. Baby companies, especially formula and diaper companies, are highly competitive. They want you to buy their products and to keep buying them. To them, the best way to get you to be their loyal customer, is to offer you free stuff like samples, coupons, and free parenting information and advice. Here are a few ways to get free baby stuff:
Ask Your Doctor
Baby companies will send doctors and hospitals samples of their products to give away to their patients. Ask your obstetrician or pediatrician if they have any samples they can give you. Sometimes the items are packaged up nicely into a cute diaper bag, or some other container you can use. These items sometimes include free diapers samples, baby wipes, formula samples, free parenting magazines, and more. If you need samples of over-the-counter baby health products, they most likely have those too!
Contact Baby Product Companies Directly
You can also get free baby samples by contacting the company directly and simply asking them. Tell them that you would like to try and see if their product is better than the product you are currently using. Many times, these companies will offer promotions, printable coupons on their website. Search for the company by name, and visit their website to see what promotions they are currently running. If they offer a printable coupon, you can usually download as many as you like.
Sign Up at Free Baby Stuff Websites
Several parenting websites offer free baby stuff when you sign up to become a member. The good thing about these websites is you can signup for offers from multiple companies at the same time. The baby freebies you can get include diaper samples, sweepstakes to win prizes, coupons, and free baby magazine subscriptions. These offers are sent to you directly from the manufacture either by snail mail or by email. Usually, the offers require you sign up for the company's newsletter, or become a member of their website, but it is worth it! If you begin receiving too much junk email, you can unsubscribe at any time, but you will still receive coupons and samples in your mailbox, which will save you money!
Free Birthday Cake for Baby
Your baby's first birthday cake is most likely going to be free as well. A lot of grocery store chains offer a free birthday cake for your baby's first birthday. All you have to do is go to the bakery section and ask.
For Toddlers - "Kids Eat Free" Days
Restaurants sometimes have "kids eat free" days, which will give your family an opportunity to get out of the house, and enjoy a nice meal without breaking the bank. Call the restaurants in your area to kind out which ones offer this promotion and which days. Many times, the free day is a weekday, so don't forget to clear your busy schedule to make time for family time!
Wait & Shop the Baby Sales
Baby specialty and department stores usually have special times during the year when thex have baby sales. Sales typically occur at the end of each season so that they can clear out their old inventory to make room for the new inventory. If you are pregnant, and need nursery furniture, this is the best time to your shopping because your savings will be quite significant. To get updates about the sales, go to the websites of the stores you shop at the most and sign up for their email newsletters. You will be notified in advance of every sale so you can plan accordingly.

Baby Freebies - What Can You Get For Your Baby For Free

If you're facing the challenge of finding baby freebies for the first time, you will do well to know what you can (and cannot) get for free. Since most freebies take about 6-8 weeks from the time you order them to the time they actually arrive in the mail, you might want to plan ahead which freebies you want to order when.
Baby diapers - Diapers are one of the biggest expenditures new parent have. For that reason, baby diapers are also very popular freebies. You can get discount coupons for diapers, offers for $500 worth of diapers, and samples of free diapers from leading brands.
Formula - Formula samples are probably the most sought after samples. Many sites offer free samples of formula, so these are the easiest samples to find.
Baby food products - From milk-like formula, to toddlers food - Mashed apples, chicken and whatever else Gerber's baby food has in store.
Baby bottles - Baby bottles, especially ones that are BPA free and safe, are rare freebies. You should definitely keep posted and look for new bottle giveaways via kids forums and free stuff forums, to actually get these goods.
Baby lotion - Pampering your baby is a time of special bonding both for the parent and newborn. Lotion is a must in every pampering kit, and brands like Johnson & Johnson are known for giving samples, and more often discount coupons, so you can save on baby lotions.
Rash cream - Unfortunately, baby rash cream is a required freebie, since all parents will have to deal with baby rash at one point or another in their newborn's life.
Toys and DVDS of music for infants - These are very hard to come by, and you are more likely to win these if you enter your baby in a baby contest than if you simply search the net for free samples of toys or DVDs.
For parents - Baby magazines - New parents can enjoy reading dedicated magazines with tips and tricks (and get coupons and money saving advice as well, with a wide range of magazines.

Use These Ideas For A Fun Baby Shower Party

Few miracles in the world are like the birth of a child. The pregnancy in and of itself is a miracle all its own! But, of course, with a pregnancy comes what? Baby showers! And while there are many things one can do for baby showers or in them, the one thing this article is going to focus on is this: baby shower games.
At the beginning of the shower a game one can do is the "Don't Say Baby" game. This one lasts through the party and is very cheap. All that's needed is a bit of yarn long enough for a necklace and a baby safety pin--or some other baby object one can string on a string. Put the safety pin or desired object on the string and give a necklace to each guest. When a person says the word "baby", the person who calls it out gets to take the pin or other object from other person's necklace. At the end of the party, the person with the most pins/objects wins a prize.
Then there's the "Guess Mommy's Tummy Size" game. Have every person take a ball of string and stretch it to the size they think would fit around the Mother-to-be's tummy in the middle. When everyone is ready, measure all the yarn pieces to the actually Mother's tummy, and the one who is the most accurate gets a prize!
Yet another well-liked baby shower game is the "Name Baby Items" game. Everyone gets a pad of paper and a pencil or pen. Then, have everybody name as many baby things as they can within five minutes. Yeah, it sure sounds easy--at first. But around the end it becomes harder than someone might think! The person with the most items listed gets a prize!
Next is the popular, fun "Who Can Make The Baby" game. This game requires plenty of baby magazines, paper, scissors, and glue. Divide the guests into teams of three, and give three magazines to each team. Then, the teams are to cut out various baby qualities from the magazines and put the pieces together on the paper as to what the team perceives the baby will going to look like. When everybody is done, the Mother-to-be chooses the picture she believes is closest to what she thinks her baby will look like. The team who's picture she selects wins a prize.
A hilarious game is the "Bottle Race". Just take several baby bottles full of a preferred drink. Each participant takes a bottle and sucks it like a baby--the participant who drinks the most before the time runs out gets a prize. Everyone will be laughing by the end!
And now, the "Guess the Baby Item" game. This one is played by Mommy herself. She is blindfolded and a bag full of various baby things is put in front of her. She is to take them out individually and guess what baby thing she has--don't peek! A great game, particularly if the guests pick out some really crazy baby items or toys.

Tips For Finding Great Baby Offers

Around a new born baby everyone gets excited. The whole family eagerly waits for the baby to arrive. All friends and acquaintances are trying to find out as much as possible about the little one. There are also many companies that get excited about that too. They have free baby offers available for the happy new parents.
There is a very good offer that's available through Enfamil Family Beginnings, and it is one of my favorite. It is a great program suitable for anyone who is expecting a baby. It is also good for the mothers who plan breastfeeding for their beloved ones. Because of the countless benefits this program offers it has actually turned into a real must for expectant mothers.
I had a strong desire to breastfeed my baby girl. However I was unsure if I would be able to breastfeed long enough and whether the quantity of my milk will be sufficient or the baby will need formula as an addition. So I just signed up for the Enfamil baby offers, no matter I actually was against using formula. And I don't regret that decision because of several things.
First of all I was sent by them interesting and precious information concerning the child feeding - not only for the first months of the newborn, but all the specific food needs up to toddler years. Those materials were accompanied by two diaper bags - a large one and a small one and believe me they proved to be tough enough, in spite of the burden they took through time.
Second of all Enfamil were so kind to send me formula several times, absolutely free, without me even asking for it. I was very happy about that because I knew my baby might happen to need it. And even though my baby eventually did not I gave the numerous samples to a neighbor family whose baby did. So everything got into use.
A free subscription to American Baby Magazine is also one of the baby offers available and I can call it my favorite one. For a whole year I received this wonderful magazine without paying a cent and what's more I didn't receive unpleasant e-mails or phone calls asking me to subscribe and apart from that I found the magazine really useful for any parent, this was the other reason that made me really subscribe.
In continuation with the subject of valuable information for reading you can have in mind the offer of State Farm - a copy of Mayo Clinic's book for pregnancy, which with its solid three pounds of weight is a detailed medical survey which could be of use for every parent; what's more it's absolutely free.

Where to Find Baby Freebies

There are many expectant parents that need items for their new baby. Some people are on an extremely tight budget, so they look for baby freebies online or even in the baby magazines. The big name brand companies will often times send out full size samples in stages, as your child grows. One example is the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program. Once you sign up, you will be sent formula, coupons and samples. You can receive coupons and samples from Gerber. Many of the other name brand companies will also offer similar programs. You can contact them and ask if they have any baby freebies available to send you, if they do not have anything available on their websites. These companies want you to use their products, so they will most likely be willing to send you something.
Many of the diaper companies offer baby freebies. Some offer coupons and some offer samples of their newest diaper. Huggies is currently offering a free sample on the new Pure and Natural diaper. Pampers offers a program where you take codes off the products you buy and enter them into their Gifts to Grow program on their website. Once you accumulate so many points, you can exchange them for all sorts of items from coupons to books and more.
A good way to find specific baby freebies is by going to your favorite search engine and looking for the items you would like a free sample of. You can usually find diaper rash cream samples, free diaper bags that are usually filled with free stuff, skin care products, shampoo, pacifiers, books and so much more. There are really a lot of freebies available; you just need to know how to search for them. You can find a few free Baby and Parenting magazines, as well. American Baby and Babytalk magazines are both free to new and expecting parents. You will find them by going to your favorite search engine, as well.
Many sites offer other sorts of baby freebies, including announcements, free scrap booking layouts and free photo prints. Using online resources saves you money because you do not need to go out and purchase these items. They are all free and can easily be printed on your home computer or with the pictures, they will be sent to your home. Many sites have contests that you can enter your newborn baby's picture and be entered to win cash and prizes.
You can also sign up with your local grocery store and earn points on baby items, which then will give you money off on your next purchase. Many stores do this, not all, though. And remember, you can also save at nationwide drugstores with their reward programs, too.
There are so many different ways to save and get rewarded. So, check with your local stores to see if they have something similar.

Grab Your Baby Freebies Now!

Having a baby can be a very expensive affair. The arrival of a baby is no doubt a matter of great joy but it often comes at the cost of a dwindling bank balance. From pre-delivery care to shopping for a new-baby, each step requires you to part with your hard earned money.
All parents want to give the best of products to their little ones. But often, your budget may not allow you to buy everything that is on your wish list. Fortunately, there are ways to buy all the essential things for your baby and more without upsetting your monthly budget. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open for discount and sales at departmental stores and super markets near you. Another great place to shop for your baby is the internet.
You can enjoy huge savings by taking advantage of some the offers on baby supplies brought to you by various websites. Many web ventures offer coupons, hot deals and freebies from numerous baby product companies including major brands such as Huggies, Pampers, and American Baby etc. These user friendly web portals have dedicated baby sections that offer you a wide array of baby products to choose from. If you have the luxury of time to go through all the deals featured on these sites then you are almost guaranteed to find a deal that's perfect for you and your little bundle of joy.
These websites stock a whole range of baby stuff like diapers, formula, magazines, clothes, etc. They also feature special deals such as money off coupons, toddler club memberships and redirect users to other bargain sites as well. All you have to do is make a list of things you wish to purchase from the internet and shop online. Simply request for free samples or sign up for a particular company's mailing list and you can order free diapers, full sized jars of baby food and a host of other things.
Keep an eye out for baby magazine subscriptions when you are shopping online. The pages of these magazines are not only filled with useful information but at times also feature money off coupons on which you can avail deep discounts. Many major brands like Huggies, Pampers etc run various online programs that allow you to redeem the points you have collected by shopping for their products for gift certificates, books, baby gear, baby food and other merchandise.
You can also look for sites that feature recycled baby stuff. On such sites, people post baby items that they don't need anymore and want to hand it down to other parents. There is no selling involved on these portals. So you can collect tons of baby stuff for free!
So, if you are out looking to buy things for the apple of your eye without having to scrap the bottom of your bank accounts, search online. A few hours of scouring the internet from the comfort of your home or office could be an inexpensive route to happiness for you and your baby!

Baby Shower Games, Prizes & Invitations

The baby shower games played at a baby shower are usually one of the most memorable experiences during the pre-baby events. However, to ensure the games are successful there should be some thoughtful party planning. Before starting the games, it's a good idea to go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves and their relationship to the Mommy-to-Be.
Here are some of the more popular games you can play during the party:
Guess Mommy-to-Be's Tummy Size: You will need some string / yarn and scissors for this game. Have each participant pull the yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mommy-to-Be's center of her pregnant tulmy. After everyone cuts their string, compare the results to the Mommy-to-Be's actual tummy. Give a prize to the guest who is the closest! This game is an ole favorite and will be enjoyed by all.
Say "Baby": You will need baby safety pins or another type of baby object you can place on a string for each guests at the shower as well as string or yarn, enough for each woman to wear as a necklace. Have each guest place the necklace with the baby safety pins around her neck when she gets to the party. The rules for this game are given at the beginning of the baby shower. Whenever someone says the word "baby" during the shower, any woman who calls it out gets a pin from the other woman who stated the word. At the end of the shower, the woman with the most pins wins a prize.
Naming Baby Items: You will need a pad of paper and pen for each guest. Have each guest write down as many baby products as they can name, such as bottle, blanket, pacifier, etc during a five minute period. This sounds easy, and IS at first, but during last few minutes, the participants will start racking their brains for more baby items. The guest with the most baby products named will win and receive a prize.
Make The Mommy-to-Be's Baby: You will need baby magazines, scissors, glue and paper. Divide the guests into teams with each team having three members, and give each team some baby magazines. Ask each team to cut out pieces of different baby qualities and put together a picture of what they think the Mommy-to-Be's baby will look like. Ask the Mommy-to-Be pick the baby she likes the best. Prizes will go to the winning team. This is another of the most popular games.
Guess The Gerber's: You will need Gerber's infant food, pads of paper and pens. You will need to take the labels off of the baby food jars and have the guests at the baby shower guess the food, i.e. carrots, peas, sweet potato. This game usually has ten different jars or more of different baby food. The winner is the guest with the most correct guesses.
Guess the Number of Safety Pins: You will need a lot of safety pins and a jar. Pass a jar full of baby safety pins around so all the guests can view it. Each guess will then guess the number of safety pins they think are in the jar. The one who guesses the closest wins a baby shower prize. This another game favorite.
Place The Baby On The Mommy-to-Be: You will need cutouts of a baby, tape and blindfolds. This is a version of Pin The Tail on the Donkey, a game kids love to play. Blindfold each guests and give them a paper baby to place the baby as close to the Mommy-to-Be's tummy as possible. The one who gets closest to placing the paper baby on the pregnant tummy wins.
Bottle Races: You will need several baby bottles with milk. Have each guest take a bottle filled with a milk (you may substitute milk for another liquid) and suck the bottle as a baby would. The woman who drinks the most during an allotted time wins the baby shower gift. This is always a laughter filled game.
Baby Bingo: You will need pens and bingo cards. Before opening the gifts, number each gift on the box starting with one. If you know that 35 people will be attending the shower, pre-print bingo cards with numbers 1 through 35 and randomly place them on 35 cards. When the Mommy-to-Be's decides to open the presents, she grabs the present she wants to open and reads the number out loud. As soon as someone receives bingo, they win the game and the prize.
What's the baby item: You will need various baby products and a blindfold. A bag of baby items are placed in front of the Mommy-to-Be for her to take one item out at a time blindfolded and tell the baby shower guests what item she has in her hands. This is really fun baby shower game when you choose some crazy baby toys or products.
Complete the Baby Rhyme: You will need a book containing baby rhymes. The host will read out loud to all the guest a part of the rhyme, which is to be completed by the other women.
How's the Baby: Ask all guests to bring a baby picture of themselves before the shower. Have all the pictures in a collage and draw lines for people to fill in who they think the babies are out of the people at the shower. If most guests don't know each other, just have the pictures of the mother, mother-in-law, sisters, and Mommy-to-Be. See how many people guess right. You can make copies of the baby picture collage to see how many can guess right.
Baby Scrambler: Another fun game is to choose 25 baby related items and scramble the spelling. For instance, pacifier can be changed to reiifpca. Ask the guests to unscramble the words. The one who gets the most right in five minutes receives a prize.
Name that Baby Song: You will need a pad of paper and pen for each guest. Have each guest write down all the songs that have baby in their titles, like baby love, Santa baby, one for my baby and so on. Allow five minutes for this game. This baby shower game can be made more difficult by asking who also wrote the songs.
Dirty Diaper Circle: You will need a diaper, chocolate and music player. Although one of our "dirtiest" games, it is one of the favorites. The host takes a diaper that has been "fixed" with warm chocolate in the right place and have the guests pass it to the person next to them is in a circle. When the host stops the music, whoever is holding the diaper is out of the game.
Pacifier in the baby's mouth: You will need a blindfold, a baby picture and a pacifier drawing for each guest. Tape a picture or drawing of a baby on the wall and have the blindfolded women try to tape the pacifier as close to the mouth of the baby as possible. The one who gets the closest ones.
Blindfold Diapering: You will need a blindfold, baby doll (life size) and diapers. One of the funniest games. It calls for the guests to be divided into teams of up to five people. Each team has a doll, blindfold and diapers. The object is for each participant to place the blindfold on, take the current diaper off the doll and place the new one on while blindfolded. After the first person completes diapering, they run to the next teammate who places the blindfold on and has to do the same. The first team to finish diapering wins!
Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: You will need a large erasable board to use for the tic-tac-toe board, writing utensil, and baby facts. Baby shower guests are divided into teams and are ask to answer a question about a baby fact. If they get the answer right, they get to choose a space, like the classic tic-tac-toe game.
The baby shower games are a very important part of your baby shower. You want to do everything you can to ensure the baby shower games are enjoyed by all and are a huge success. Here's some tips for ensuring your baby shower games are successful:
a. Be sure you have writing utensils for everyone
b. Wrap games prizes
c. Make sure to have extra prizes in case of tie games

Forget the Diapers! Cool Gift Ideas for New Moms

Having a new baby in the house and be exciting and can also be very tiring as well. A new infant often brings many sleepless nights leaving the new parents feeling very exhausted. It's always nice to buy gifts for the newborn baby but people often forget to buy gifts for new moms. The new mother needs attention as well. These gift ideas for a new mom can help her beat any "baby blues" she might be experiencing.
Parenting and baby magazines. If you are looking for a cheap gift idea a parenting magazine is a great idea. A magazine can answer all the new questions she may have about taking care of a new baby. You can get her a one year subscription for $20 or less at This is also a perfect gift for a first time parent.
A gift card to her favorite spa or salon. With all the feeding and changing diapers, new moms need a break. Mothers focus a lot on the baby and need to do something for themselves every once in a while! Give her the gift of relaxation by treating her to a day of pampering. A full body massage, manicure, or a rejuvenating facial can be great treat for the busy mom. You can find spa gift certificates at
Restaurant certificates. The new parent might find it challenging to find time to cook. Help her out by giving her a gift card or certificate to one of her favorite restaurants. Having food delivered one night can help to reduce some of the stress off the new parents. You can find many discounted gift cards at If the food can't be delivered, offer to watch the baby while the parents go out to eat. If you don't want to buy a gift card you can also offer to make dinner for the family.
Certificate to a home cleaning service. When a new baby comes it is easy to get behind on the cleaning and chores of the house. You can prevent the new mom from feeling overwhelmed by getting her a gift certificate to a cleaning service.
Gift certificate for a family portrait. When a new baby is here people always want to see pictures. Usually the new parents will take their own pictures but some people prefer to have baby pictures professionally done. Give them a gift certificate to have their family portrait done by a professional.

Totally Free Baby Stuff For Your Newborn

Have you been searching the web high and low to find some totally free baby stuff? There are a lot of websites that say they offer totally free baby stuff, but most simply cannot be trusted and are not reliable. If you find the right place online, you really can score some good stuff for your new baby.
Some things you can expect to get in the mail by signing up are:
- Diapers and cloth diapers
- Formula samples
- Various medicines and first aid kits
- Baby shampoos and bathing accessories
- Baby wipes and clean-up stuff
- Baby food samples
- Many different baby magazines
Simply put, raising a new baby can be very expensive. These expenses are usually in the form of the items listed above. Big companies such as Gerber, Enfamil, and Johnson & Johnson give away free baby samples in order to earn your business. Sometimes these samples are quite sizable and for example sometimes you might receive two or three sample diapers to try out.
For example, we recently received four samples of baby formula from Enfamil in about one month's time. Our baby we ended up breast feeding but this made a great gift for a friend of ours that was expecting a newborn. We also started receiving Baby Magazine and American Baby for free. These are just a couple examples of the things you can expect to get.
With a reliable website that has partnered with these big companies, you can expect to receive a few things every month completely free. Some months you might even get a few more things sent to you.
So you are probably asking yourself what is the big catch? Basically by providing a valid name, address and e-mail address you are giving the company the right to market to you in the future for various baby products. You can opt out of these e-mails and mailings at any time but usually people choose to stay on these lists to keep receiving some good free stuff. I know I do not mind a couple e-mails here and there in exchange for receiving totally free baby stuff. We have saved some pretty good money by getting this free stuff.
I actually have signed up twice with two addresses and two email address which allows me to get twice the stuff free. These samples make great gifts for new parents or expecting parents. When I get the same things twice I simply give the samples away as gifts. I have friends who even donate them to shelters and hospitals to help other new mom's out.

Baby Shower Games To Play

Baby showers usually takes place just before or immediately after a baby is born. The main aim of a baby shower to treat the soon-to-be mom and ensure she feels incredibly special on that day.
When trying to decide which baby shower games to play, you must first decide the purpose of the game. There are some games that are ice breakers and will allow people to mingle or some are just general games that people will enjoy together. Below are five common baby shower games to play:
1) Guessing the mother-to-be belly size
The items you need for this game are thread and a pair of scissors. Everyone estimates how big the mom-to-be's tummy is and cuts the thread accordingly. After everyone has done that, they measure it with the mom-to-be real belly. The woman who gets the prize is the one who got the closest estimate.
2) Do not say the word "Baby"
The items for this game include any item that can be put on a thread for all those attending the baby shower, for instance a safety pin. As soon as people start arriving for the baby shower, have the thread that has the safety pins be worn as a necklace and also inform them of the rules for this game. Anytime a person uses the word "baby" and another person hears it and says it aloud, they get one safety pin from the person who first said the word. The person who collects the most pins is the one to be given a prize.
3) How Many Baby Products Can You List Down
To play this game, you will need pen and paper for everyone. Everyone is supposed to put down all the items used babies that they can remember in five minutes. At first it will be very easy however, during the last minutes, many people will start thinking harder to get more baby products. The person who wins is the one who writes down the most products.
4) Who Can Make The Mom-To-Be's Baby
To play this game, you will need baby magazines, scissors, glue and paper. Divide the women into teams each having three women and give everyone three baby magazines. Let them cut different pictures that they think represent the qualities of the baby. After this, the Mom-to-Be will choose which baby she thinks closely resembles hers! A prize is given to this team.
5) Baby Bingo.
You will need pens and Bingo cards that were printed earlier that are equal to the number of people in the baby shower. As you get to the stage of opening the gifts brought to the shower, put a number on each and every box containing a gift and begin with number one. If for example there are 10 people in your shower, you should have Bingo cards numbering 1 to 10. Place the 10 bingo cards on the table randomly. Once the mom-to-be is ready to open the gifts, she takes the gift she is about to open and says the number loudly. Once a person gets bingo, they not only win the game but also get the prize.

Discover How to Get Free Infant Supplies

It can be unbelievably expensive to have a baby in this day and age; particularly with the economy doing so poorly. In addition to the hospital stay and doctors, you've got to have baby clothes and blankets, a crib, changing table, and other baby furniture, diapers, formula, baby bottles, high chair, and a car-seat among other things. These expenses can be a significant source of worry for expectant mom's, especially if your family has experienced a cut in income due to the bad economy. Let's be honest, your financial situation is the last thing that you want to be thinking about if you have a new baby on the way. But to ease your mind, there are many places to get free infant supplies, so, don't worry.
When we had our first baby, we were awfully Poor ( with a capital P ). And to make matters worse, we had no insurance. Putting cash away for the birth and delivery used up all of our savings. We were so poor that... oh, never mind, it wasn't a terribly good joke. Any way, we needed any sort of free infant supplies that we could find. We had no extra money at all. Fortunately, one of the baby formula companies was introducing a new formula and baby bottle and was looking for people to test the system. They supplied us with two dozen bottles, 400 bags ( to fit into the bottles ), and enough formula to last for six months. It was a much needed and much appreciated gift.
We learned about the program from our gynecologist. So if you are having some financial difficulties, talk to your gynecologist and ask if they know of any offers for free infant supplies or some free samples. Often, your OB/GYN doctor will have at least a few free infant supplies that they can provide. If your doctor doesn't offer them to you, ask them about it.
In addition, many hospitals give new parents a bag of baby products to take home. These bags are financed by baby formula companies like the people that make Similac and Enfamil. These goody bags contain free infant supplies like formula, diapers, diaper rash creams, baby bath soap, rattles and coupons for other free items.
Fill out forms in mags as well as on the internet. Parenting and pregnancy magazines are filled with offers for free baby stuff. Take full advantage of those free offers; the companies are happy to provide them. Around your baby's due date, you will get a package from the formula company containing your free samples. Even though baby formula lasts a particularly long time, check the expiration dates, just to be safe. Even if you breastfeed your baby, you may use the formula as a supplement and to make baby cereal when the baby gets a little older.
In addition, make sure the diaper companies know your due date so they can try to convince you to use their product. Many diaper companies will send you free samples. And, if you have checked on diaper prices, they are not cheap, so take advantage of it.
You can get free subscriptions to a number of baby magazines. Most companies will send out a year's worth of subscriptions for free. And make sure you check your mailbox for additional freebies . After having a baby, you will probably get a number of free offers from portrait studios. Then, you can use these free pictures as great gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles.
In addition to the techniques described above, visit web sites of baby-product companies. There is very intense competition among these manufacturers and they always have great promotional programs for newborns. Visit as many sites as you can and sign up to their free infant supplies

Baby Einstein Toys

Baby Einstein was created by Julie Clark. She wanted to educate her infant about her passion, the humanities. She wanted products that enable a shared learning experience between her and her baby. Finding nothing to suit her needs, she embarked on creating those products herself for her and her daughter. Baby Einstein was born to allow children to experience the wonder of the world with assistance from quality products.
Baby Einstein focuses on products for babies and toddlers. It does not attempt to provide products for the entirety of a childhood. By specializing in a very precise age bracket, Einstein has become an expert in their development. Their products are interactive, meaning that the parent and the baby both participate. For example, The Baby Company then designed their DVDs for the maximum interaction. Traditionally, when a parent read a book to a baby, they were somewhat limited by the holding of the book. Their attention was divided. The DVDs becomes the book and the parent is much more involved in the process. They can clap, point, and even hold their child while they enjoy learning together. It is truly an engaging and bonding experience.
Einstein toy company has been recognized as a leader in products that foster child development, curiosity and creativity. Awarded the "Seal of Approval Award" by the National Parenting Center in 2008 is Baby Einstein's Discovering Shaping DVD. This educational DVD introduces circles, ovals, triangles, squares and rectangles to babies 9 months and older. It teaches the shapes by referencing objects with those shapes that babies know such as that oranges are round. Further, the readers of American Baby magazine have ranked Baby Einstein DVDS since 2003 as essential products for a family with a baby.