Discover How to Get Free Infant Supplies

It can be unbelievably expensive to have a baby in this day and age; particularly with the economy doing so poorly. In addition to the hospital stay and doctors, you've got to have baby clothes and blankets, a crib, changing table, and other baby furniture, diapers, formula, baby bottles, high chair, and a car-seat among other things. These expenses can be a significant source of worry for expectant mom's, especially if your family has experienced a cut in income due to the bad economy. Let's be honest, your financial situation is the last thing that you want to be thinking about if you have a new baby on the way. But to ease your mind, there are many places to get free infant supplies, so, don't worry.
When we had our first baby, we were awfully Poor ( with a capital P ). And to make matters worse, we had no insurance. Putting cash away for the birth and delivery used up all of our savings. We were so poor that... oh, never mind, it wasn't a terribly good joke. Any way, we needed any sort of free infant supplies that we could find. We had no extra money at all. Fortunately, one of the baby formula companies was introducing a new formula and baby bottle and was looking for people to test the system. They supplied us with two dozen bottles, 400 bags ( to fit into the bottles ), and enough formula to last for six months. It was a much needed and much appreciated gift.
We learned about the program from our gynecologist. So if you are having some financial difficulties, talk to your gynecologist and ask if they know of any offers for free infant supplies or some free samples. Often, your OB/GYN doctor will have at least a few free infant supplies that they can provide. If your doctor doesn't offer them to you, ask them about it.
In addition, many hospitals give new parents a bag of baby products to take home. These bags are financed by baby formula companies like the people that make Similac and Enfamil. These goody bags contain free infant supplies like formula, diapers, diaper rash creams, baby bath soap, rattles and coupons for other free items.
Fill out forms in mags as well as on the internet. Parenting and pregnancy magazines are filled with offers for free baby stuff. Take full advantage of those free offers; the companies are happy to provide them. Around your baby's due date, you will get a package from the formula company containing your free samples. Even though baby formula lasts a particularly long time, check the expiration dates, just to be safe. Even if you breastfeed your baby, you may use the formula as a supplement and to make baby cereal when the baby gets a little older.
In addition, make sure the diaper companies know your due date so they can try to convince you to use their product. Many diaper companies will send you free samples. And, if you have checked on diaper prices, they are not cheap, so take advantage of it.
You can get free subscriptions to a number of baby magazines. Most companies will send out a year's worth of subscriptions for free. And make sure you check your mailbox for additional freebies . After having a baby, you will probably get a number of free offers from portrait studios. Then, you can use these free pictures as great gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles.
In addition to the techniques described above, visit web sites of baby-product companies. There is very intense competition among these manufacturers and they always have great promotional programs for newborns. Visit as many sites as you can and sign up to their free infant supplies