Baby Shower Games To Play

Baby showers usually takes place just before or immediately after a baby is born. The main aim of a baby shower to treat the soon-to-be mom and ensure she feels incredibly special on that day.
When trying to decide which baby shower games to play, you must first decide the purpose of the game. There are some games that are ice breakers and will allow people to mingle or some are just general games that people will enjoy together. Below are five common baby shower games to play:
1) Guessing the mother-to-be belly size
The items you need for this game are thread and a pair of scissors. Everyone estimates how big the mom-to-be's tummy is and cuts the thread accordingly. After everyone has done that, they measure it with the mom-to-be real belly. The woman who gets the prize is the one who got the closest estimate.
2) Do not say the word "Baby"
The items for this game include any item that can be put on a thread for all those attending the baby shower, for instance a safety pin. As soon as people start arriving for the baby shower, have the thread that has the safety pins be worn as a necklace and also inform them of the rules for this game. Anytime a person uses the word "baby" and another person hears it and says it aloud, they get one safety pin from the person who first said the word. The person who collects the most pins is the one to be given a prize.
3) How Many Baby Products Can You List Down
To play this game, you will need pen and paper for everyone. Everyone is supposed to put down all the items used babies that they can remember in five minutes. At first it will be very easy however, during the last minutes, many people will start thinking harder to get more baby products. The person who wins is the one who writes down the most products.
4) Who Can Make The Mom-To-Be's Baby
To play this game, you will need baby magazines, scissors, glue and paper. Divide the women into teams each having three women and give everyone three baby magazines. Let them cut different pictures that they think represent the qualities of the baby. After this, the Mom-to-Be will choose which baby she thinks closely resembles hers! A prize is given to this team.
5) Baby Bingo.
You will need pens and Bingo cards that were printed earlier that are equal to the number of people in the baby shower. As you get to the stage of opening the gifts brought to the shower, put a number on each and every box containing a gift and begin with number one. If for example there are 10 people in your shower, you should have Bingo cards numbering 1 to 10. Place the 10 bingo cards on the table randomly. Once the mom-to-be is ready to open the gifts, she takes the gift she is about to open and says the number loudly. Once a person gets bingo, they not only win the game but also get the prize.