4 Sure-Fire Ways to Save Money With Baby Coupons

With the recession, many parents are struggling with small budgets and big expenses related to caring for their new baby. Since the economy downturn, there has been a surge of people looking for baby coupons to get the most bang for their buck.
Stocking up on everyday supplies like diapers and formula can be quite expensive. However, if you know how to use coupons wisely, you will enjoy significant savings. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to save money:
1. Request Baby Coupons from the Manufacturer
Many companies like Huggies, Gerber, Enfamil will put you on their mailing list. All you need to do is to go to their website and submit your address. They will send coupons and free baby samples directly to you. Some companies also send out regular email newsletters that inform you of their special offers.
2. Newspapers and Magazines
Get the Sunday paper. In it you'll find a bunch of baby coupons. Make sure to check out the sales circulars for your favorite stores so you can use them to purchase items on sale for even more savings. Also, don't forget to pay attention to your favorite parenting or baby magazines. Many times they'll include advertisements for their products with a promo code you can redeem on their website.
3. Join Printable Coupon Sites
There are many quality sites that you can join that offer printable baby coupons. This is so convenient since you can print them directly from your computer. Then all you need to do is redeem them at your local grocery or discount store.
4. Use Coupon Codes to Shop Online
If you prefer shopping online, there are much more savings available to you. Many companies provide online promo codes. Sites like Babies 'R Us and Old Navy regularly provide codes for baby products. Sometimes you'll get savings for a percentage off your total purchase (for example 20% off), and other times you will get promotional codes you can use for free shipping. All you need to do to redeem these is to enter the promo code when you check out. The discount is automatically deducted from your total.
With a little time and effort, finding baby coupons is easy and very rewarding. Happy coupon hunting!